K & K ASSOCIATES is a full service law firm, based in India having its office in New Delhi, offering cutting­ edge blend of capabilities to individuals, Corporations, and International Entities across the globe. Over the years, we have built a reputation for high­ quality work, a positive outlook, and the highest standards of service and ethics. We have a team of eminent lawyers & advocates who handle matters before the District Courts, High Court, Tribunals, Commissions and the Supreme Court of India. We provide world class services at competitive rates which would be lucrative for every organization. The underlying belief of the firm is to provide incredibly high­ quality fast services at a low cost. A timely right advice could save a lot of time, effort
and cost for a client. where the firm utilizes its expertise and experience in creating value for its clients We are working with the foremost aim of maintaining quality standards in our legal services. This has been the prime factor in our growth and success. This approach has also enabled us to offer personalized services whilst keeping in mind the exact demand of clients.

We follow highest standards of ethics in our endeavor to offer excellent legal assistance to our clients based across the country. Our unequivocal loyalty & commitment to protect their interests has been unparalleled throughout these years. As a result of this, we have been able to deliver successful and pragmatic outcomes for our clients in all our legal services The Firm continues to expand & now, we have notably become the counsel of choice.

Are We Focus

In order to offer reliable and client centric services,

we ensure the following :

Personal Advisory


Privacy & Confidentiality

Dispute Settlement